Welcome to Ergo, established in 2007, 2008 in New York. This is a magazine about the artist, the music, the writer, and anything creative. Sharing it to the masses around the world. Ergo is about looking closely at artists (in all senses of the word), their influences, how they push the boundaries and how they go about their routines. The world of creativity is ever-changing; it is a broad subject. Ergo represents how artist have changed these boundaries, have broadened their horizons, and have pushed the limits. Ergo is about the past, present, and future. It is my brain child, my spirit; to bring artist to the forefront of the world, to the public, and to my view. Because every artist deserves to be published, to be looked at, to be analyzed, and to be presented to the world. Every artist dreams of being interviewed, to be personally asked, “how do you do this, why do you do this, what makes you tick?”

Artists, musicians, writers, etc…who tell you they don’t want the spotlight on them are liars! Creatives shine in the spotlight; they enjoy the glory of being recognized and being acknowledged at some sort of level of the public eye. Ergo is the new way of looking at things—to observe, to respect, and to glorify. It is a way the creatives should be brought to the world and celebrated. Welcome to Ergo, and I hope you enjoy the creatives, their work, the interviews, and the flow.