We are pleased to introduce the world to Brooklyn duo Pearl Necklace. Pearl Necklace is Bryce Hackford and Frank Lyon. Soft Opening is their debut release, and it drops on January 29th via Smalltown Supersound. Like their name, a mischievous double-entendre certain to conjure a sly grin, the music of Pearl Necklace is similarly coded. Nothing is quite what it seems. Hackford & Lyon share a fascination with text — with language, sound, meaning, and with forms of communication. Soft Opening is a subtle but distinct dissemination of all of that, wherein all we think we know is revealed to be, in fact, quite alien.


Building on their predecessors fascination with Sound as Text — from Pierre Henry to early Cabaret Voltaire to Christian Marclay to Matmos — Pearl Necklace define their SoundWorld by an open-minded approach to sampling, using source material of various fidelities — field recordings, library records, dusted disco cuts, et cetera — and live, primarily synth-based instrumentation, plus definitive use of an MPC1000 sampler.


Derived from improvisations, Soft Opening was recorded in a relaxed pace over the course of a year in Hackford’s studio in Williamsburg. While they wrote, a few guests popped by the studio to lay down some ideas: Alexis Georgopoulos, better known as Arp—who sensed a kinship between Pearl Necklace and Smalltown Supersound and subsequently introduced band to label—and Andrew VanWyngarden, better known as the singer of MGMT. The result is a minimal techno full of auditory surprises and rewards. Pitchfork premiered album track “Did You Feel It?”, which features Arp, this morning. They called it a “percolator, which uses its seven-minute running time to build a hill of squishy, warm techno textures.”


Listen to/Download “Did You Feel It” [ft. Arp] here.

Download album art/hi-res photos here.



1. Another Invocation of the Breath

2. Doorbell

3. Did You Feel It? [ft. Arp]

4. Radio Love [ft. Arp]

5. Leak

6. Why Toto?

7. Pearlfriend [ft. Arp]

8. Don’t

9. Ah Ah

10. Wist [ft. Andrew Vanwyngarden]


Pearl Necklace online:


For more information, contact: Jacob Daneman | Pitch Perfect PR –, 773-271-6844