Today’s post is about Cymatics. I feel this is a topic that has flown under the radar for a while (it’s not even recognized in spell check!) Cymatics is the study of imagery created by vibrations of sound. When sound is amplified onto a surface where liquid or particles are placed, these objects will react to the vibration and create an illustration of that sound. Study of the subject can […]


Vintage Animation: Fred Seibert and Alan Goodman Bumpers

In today’s post, I will be talking about two individuals, Fred Seibert and Alan Goodman. They helped television channels build an identity throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, creating unique branding promotions. As MTV’s first creative director, Seibert was in charge of the advertisements for the station, leading them to their great success and popularity throughout the 1980’s, during the “I Want My MTV” years. It was his idea to present […]



The Invisibile Bicycle Helmet

We here at Ergo not only promote music but we also promote innovation, design, and art work. Check out this amazing new type of helmet: “Design students Anna and Terese took on a giant challenge as an exam project. Something no one had done before. If they could swing it, it would for sure be revolutionary. The bicycle is a tool to change the world. If we use bikes AND […]



Water Light Graffti

Antonin Fourneau has been working in residence at Digitalarti Artlab on the Water Light Graffiti project : a wall made of LED which light up when touched by water. After several tries, prototypes and material improvements, Water Light Graffiti was finally ready to take place for a few days in a public space, which happened to be Poitiers. From July 22nd to 24th, Poitiers inhabitants could discover and try Water […]


Vintage Computer Animation: Robert Abel and Associates

Robert Abel and Associates was a production company founded in 1971 by Bob Abel and Con Pederson. They took the technology used in the filming of 2001 and used it to create special effects. Adding the use of stop motion photography rigs, optical printers, projectors and other state of the art machinery, they were able to catapult their way to the top among production companies and were chosen as one […]


Vintage Computer Animation: John Whitney

I would like to dig into the vaults of history and present you with some vintage computer animation completed for commercial, educational, promotional and entertainment use. These wonderful pieces of art set the standards in computer graphic technology and are a great influence on our world today. The best way to start this series is with Mr. John Whitney. Born in 1917, Whitney is seen as one of the pioneers […]


Spotlight on: Anjo Bolarda


Residency Unlimited: Your Guide to Artist-in-Residence Programs

If you’re an artist looking to get away and focus on a specific project or to create a new flow of inspiration, then an artist-in-residence program might fit well with you! These programs allow you to take your work to a new location and with a new community of people. They can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a full year and sometimes the cost is fully covered […]



"Metamorphosis" for Good Books by Buck

“We dug through the darkest recesses of our minds and studio to create original music and sound design for this Buck masterpiece. Working with squirming, analog-tape leeches, moaning coeds, screaming guitar goats, and brain-exploding psychedelia, we were certainly in our element. Plus, it’s always fun to rock out and get a little weird for a good cause! Good Books, an online bookseller, passes all of its profits through to Oxfam. […]


Iowa City Based Record Label Night People Releases New Set of Cassette Tapes and Free Compilation

Night People began as an outlet for side projects done by members of the band Raccoo-oo-oon. Shawn Reed took on full time label duties when the band diminished and continues to run it with help from Ryan Garbes, another former member of Raccoo-oo-oon. Night People has consistently put out releases for the past 7 years on cassette and also vinyl. All of the tapes are hand dubbed and feature silk-screened […]