Flying Lotus releases new music video

Flying Lotus releases new music video, Until the Quiet Comes, off his upcoming new record Until the Quiet Comes. Preorder the album here Featured music, in order of appearance: — See Thru To U (feat. Erykah Badu) — Hunger (feat. Niki Randa) — Getting There (feat. Niki Randa) Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes Short Film – Credits: Directed By — Kahlil Joseph Music by — Flying Lotus Cinematography […]



Pomp&Clout releases video for Diplo, Set it Off

From the bizarre mind of Diplo, Pomp&Clout brings Diplo’s song, Set it Off from his LP to life. Let’s get this straight, they’re not strippers, they’re pole dancers. In space.



25 Countries, 5 years: Samsara

SAMSARA is a new non verbal documentary film by the creators of 1992’s lauded BARAKA. It took five years to make, and was shot in over 100 locations in 25 countries. It is one of only a handful of films to be shot on 70mm film in the last forty years. Directed by Ron Fricke and produced by Mark Magidson. SAMSARA will be in US Theaters August 24th 2012, with […]



The Invisibile Bicycle Helmet

We here at Ergo not only promote music but we also promote innovation, design, and art work. Check out this amazing new type of helmet: “Design students Anna and Terese took on a giant challenge as an exam project. Something no one had done before. If they could swing it, it would for sure be revolutionary. The bicycle is a tool to change the world. If we use bikes AND […]



Line of Sight Film

“Line Of Sight is a rare view into underground bicycle messenger racing which has become a global phenomenon. For over a decade Lucas Brunelle has been riding with the fastest, most skilled urban cyclists around the world while capturing all the action with his customized helmet cameras to bring you along for the ride.”


Spotlight on: Anjo Bolarda



The Art of Stupidty by Dumt & Farligt

Ever wonder what would happen if you mowed your carpet with a lawn mower? What about hitting an egg with a baseball bat? Or putting fireworks in a birthday cake? And let’s say you captured all these stupid events and slowed it down to view how awesomely stupid it was, well Dumt and Farligt did it, check it out.



Holi Festival of Colors

“Holi is the Hindu festival that welcomes the Spring and celebrates the new life and energy of the season. Although Holi has religious roots, not much religious activity is involved in its celebration. Holi is the most energetic Indian festival, filled with fun and good humour; even the strict rules of separation between castes are abandoned. Holi is also called ‘The Festival of Colours’, and people celebrate the festival by […]



City Expososed: Typecaster for life

San Francisco Chronicle covers Lewis Mitchell, a typecaster for life: “A recent Thursday at 10:23 a.m.: In the basement of Arion Press, where they still print books the old-fashioned way, Lewis Mitchell slid open a box of parts used to change the font size on the Monotype ?casting machines he has maintained for 62 years. “I thoroughly enjoy the sound of the machines turning, and seeing the type come out is a […]



ABC Monsters

La Pompadour creates the alphabet using iconic cinema monsters as the theme